Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Care For U Plus continues to closely monitor COVID-19 as it is having a greater impact on our communities. The health and safety of our employees, patients, and customers continue to be our top priority.  Check back here for updates as we continuously monitor the situation. 

Care For U Plus’s COVID-19 Preparedness Efforts
We would like to share an overview of Care For U Plus’s preparedness efforts:

  • Care For U Plus has assembled a COVID-19 Task Force to coordinate our preparedness regarding COVID-19.  Care For U Plus’s Task Force is closely monitoring the latest developments regarding COVID-19 in order to ensure that we are following all appropriate recommendations from health authorities and to proactively implement measures to ensure a safe workplace.
  • Prepared Care For U Plus’s clinical teams to update their Emergency Management Plans and implement these plans in the event that their community or state declares the State of Emergency.
  • Care For U Plus is suspending all non-essential, work-related travel.  This protocol will be evaluated and updated as needed.  Non-essential, work-related travel includes, for example, visits to local Care For U Plus field offices.  Essential travel, such as traveling to assignments, should continue.
  • Communicated safety expectations to our employees relative to COVID-19 including proper handwashing, avoiding contact with others as much as possible, staying home from work when sick, and following facility protocols and guidelines when applicable.
  • Continuously evaluating the risk of COVID-19 exposure at Care For U Plus’s offices in accordance with OSHA requirements and current CDC recommendations.  In the event there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 exposure at Care For U Plus’s office, Care For U Plus will promptly coordinate with appropriate federal, state, or local health officials to determine the appropriate response

We are evaluating quarantines on a case-by-case basis. We ask that medical facility representatives fill out the form here for quarantine certification.

We are deeply committed to continuing to serve our communities.

At Care For U Plus, our top priorities are the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and health professionals we rely on for good care.